Thursday, December 23, 2010

Grilled Cheese!

Just thought I would make a note of this as the kids have really been enjoying them. They are definitely a splurge, but it is worth it once in awhile. Most gluten free folks already know about Udi's bread. I decided to try making a grilled cheese with it since people have also been raving about Daiya cheese. I didn't think of it at first because it comes shredded, but then I figured I would try sprinkling it on and see how it went. Well, it went great! We like to use mayo as the spread. When you turn it the first time, you have to do it really carefully because the cheese won't be melted yet. Then I press it down with the spatula while it is cooking on the second side. By the time it browns, it is usually nice and melted! The kids both love them!

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