Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So Delicious Indeed

I never intended to do any product reviews on this blog, but I tried something the other day that knocked my socks off! I was looking at soy yogurts for my son when I noticed this:

I always thought of So Delicious as a company specializing in soy products, so this was a delightful surprise. I am avoiding soy with my new baby as well, and I am in love with using coconut products whenever I can.

So I hesitatingly bought one carton (it was the blueberry), expecting it to be really strange at best and not sure what at worst! Then I got home and tasted it. OH MY GOODNESS. It was amazingly good. I thought it might be good but not really taste like yogurt, but it totally did.

Get more info about it here. And it is labeled as vegan and gluten free! Can't wait to buy more!!!

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